Rental Property Buying in Pakistan with Little Investment Amount

Some people make money but with little investment, they can go high on investments. No doubt it is a bit difficult to start this business. To make investment little or high there required talent and guts. Many think to earn well but some dare to start and incur the investment. Though real estate work can be difficult but not as people think. Because if you implement and execute the right strategies at right time then your cash flow will be smooth. With inflation in the country, it has become even more difficult to get into real estate and that is why these strategies can be even more important to use. Taking a risk with big investments is a mandatory step if you want good ROI.

Deciding on buying a property?

Normally property dealers in Pakistan take at least a 20% down payment, also, you may have to make payments for repairs, pay closing costs, and need reserves.

Cheap properties can be found with little investment but if you want a bit more expensive for rental purposes then there are certain ways through which cost can be cut like properties with properly maintained systems and no repair is needed or you can ask the seller to pay the closing amount

Is 20% down payment fixed on properties?

Previously, many banks had investment property loans that required less than 20% down payment, but this practice was in the market before the housing crash. That incident disappeared down investment property loan virtually. Even these days you can get investment properties below 20% and some builders in Karachi are doing that.

There is a certain way through which you can buy properties without having interaction with banks or without using investment loans. Property can be bought as an owner occupant and then turn the house into house accountability, renting, use private money, and then refinance into a longer-term loan. These strategies are extremely easy but some require effort and time to understand in detail.

Rent to own strategy

Some people buy properties to live and become owners of that but after a year can give it on rent. They live for 1 complete year as it is the requirement of Loan Company. And after the said time duration they can move out and give it on rent for income purposes. This is a good way to earn a smooth income.

This is a good income generator but at the same time, it is difficult as you must be willing to pack and move frequently. All property will not necessarily make a good rental and you have to make sure the property is good from an investment point of view! When you live in a property for a year or more, and rent it out, you can buy another than using an owner-occupant loan.

House Accountability

As discussed in the rent section about buying property and moving afterward but in House hacking the difference is, you do not live here even for a year but you buy a property to give it on rent.  Many people buy several portions of the house to implement this strategy.

 House hacking’s biggest advantage is that you can build a rental history from the start. One problem in rent-to-own occupants is that they do not qualify for other houses. And here you have given the property on rent from start.

Refinance your cash

In this strategy, an investor buys a home to live in and does not want to move often. But after living some time in the same house or apartment owner gives it to the rental property.


Buying rental properties in Pakistan is an amazing investment but it is not easy to start, especially if you do not have a lot of investment amount. Fortunately, there are many ways to invest without using a traditional investor loan from the beginning. GFS International has all the solutions to invest in Pakistan with easy installments

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