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John Ozbilgen Bio, Age, Wiki, Dead, Susupect of Stephanie Parze Case

John Ozbilgen Bio – Wiki

John Ozbilgen is the suspect killer of Stephanie Parze. Ozbilgen is 29-year-old. Parze and Ozbilgen had previously dated with her accusing him of physical abuse on multiple occasions. In September 2019, Ozbilgen was arrested and charged with hitting Parze in the head. John is dead at the age of 29.

Stephanie Parze Disappearance

The Monmouth County prosecutor’s office had classified Ozbilgen as a person of interest in the disappearance of Stephanie Parze. Stephanie was 25 years old. Parze was last seen on October 30 when she dropped her parents off at their home in New Jersey. At the time of writing, Parze has not been found. The search for the missing is centered around a park in Staten Island and Monmouth County.

Her parents, Ed and Sharlene, told NBC New York that Parze had been out at a family event in New Brunswick before her disappearance. The family had been visiting a psychic medium. Parze was living with her grandmother in the Freehold Township since 2018.

The New York Post reported on November 20 that Ozbilgen had sent Parze abusive text messages on the night she vanished.

On 8 November, Ozbilgen was arrested on child porn charges that were unrelated to Parze’s disappearance. Ozbilgen was released when a judge ruled that the one count he was being held on, was not enough for him to remain detained.

John Ozbilgen Cause of Death

According to a tweet by reporter Monica Guy that John is “death by suicide.” He was 29 years old. Ozbilgen hanged himself. News12’s Jim Murdoch reported that there was “police activity and ambulances” outside of Ozbilgen’s home in the Freehold Township in New Jersey on the morning of November 22. Ozbilgen lived along Kings Mountain Road in the township.


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