Welcoming rare twin panda cubs in the UK safari

You might have seen the news of rare twin panda cubs in the international breeding program. This pair of pandas was born in the UK’s safari park. According to the authorities, they confirmed that baby pandas were born in the summer. Similarly, both of them are now surviving and developing well. Through this international breeding program, the authorities want to expand the diversity of the endangered species. Therefore, they took this step to preserve the species by providing them with the best atmosphere and environment.

The progress of the development of the rare twin panda cubs

The keepers present at the safari park confirmed the gender of the cubs. According to them, both of them are male. They further said that their development process is continuously monitored. Also, the breeding program was accomplished because of the parents of these cubs. Mother Emma and Father Lionel were the influential figures who helped elevate the population of this rare species. Both the parents produced distinctive genetics.

In addition, the keepers believed that one day, the two babies would eventually have their own families and would boost the population of pandas, too. The park keepers had made sure to keep their mother’s diet excellent. Then, they check for the weight of the babies regularly so that babies grow well.

As you know, the babies are tiny and need the care of their mother, so their mother keeps them inside the nest boxes. She feeds them, and along with the feeding, she cleans them, too.

Responsibilities of the safari park keepers

The keepers of the safari park have special responsibilities. Do you know what? The primary responsibility lies in the health of the mother, Emma, and the babies. So, the keepers will closely observe her fitness and diet every day. According to the requirements of the babies they might vary their diet as per the requirements of their babies. They even provide them with the bamboo leaves. Mostly, they use the fresh ones grown by themselves.  

They will observe and record the weight of the cubs, too. It will result in their good development and growth. Before breeding rare panda cubs, they had bred for the six rare cubs. Afterward, these six cubs eventually became a part of international breeding programs. They even sent them to the different areas of Europe.

What makes the rare twin panda cubs?

Although animal birth always excites people around you, something is fascinating about this. It is the breeding of endangered and distinctive species. The babies of pandas were born earlier in June; however, the authorities revealed their picture along with the news of their birth recently. Once the babies mature, they will go outside their nest to explore the environment. Besides, their parent will always be there, watching them and making them learn about their survival. According to the staff at Longleat Safari Park, they confirmed that red pandas belong to the category of the most endangered species around. They recorded that 2,500 pandas are still surviving in the wild habitat. However, these pandas always come across the threat of extinction because humans are busy with deforestation. Along with this, many people are indulged in the illegal trading of pandas as pets. By diminishing the natural habitat, the chances of rare species diminishes.

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